Why is pharmaceutical grade hCG prescribed by a doctor more effective

There are a lot of questions out there today surrounding the different types of "hCG". People need to know the facts before they invest in any diet program. One of the biggest questions is what is the safest and most effective form of hCG for the hCG diet, and what are the dangers of taking the inexpensive homeopathic version of "so called" hCG?

The only real safe form of hCG must be prescribed by a physician. It must be pharmaceutical grade hCG. This im sure is common sense to most people, however you would be surprised by the amount of people who come into our weight loss clinic and tell us they tried the drops and lost a few pound but gained it right back. DO NOT waste your money on a knockoff homeopathic version of hCG. It is far less effective and the weight does not stay off. Everything else out there, bought online or sold in stores at very low prices can be extremely dangerous. People do not know what they are getting but it certainly isn't pharmaceutical grade hCG because a doctor is necessary to prescribe "the good stuff".

Most of the homeopathic forms are random mixtures of ingredients and lack the true hormone that is needed for weight loss. Who knows what you could be putting into your bodies. Please be careful and look into why pharmaceutical grade hCG is the way to go.