Why is everyone talking about the hCG Diet?

Recently the hCG diet has been featured on programs such as The Dr. Oz Show, CBS News and most recently a special on ABC Eyewitness News. Why is hCG getting so much national coverage?  They are talking about hCG and what our Medilean program provides because it WORKS and our patients are incredibly successful! It is a rapid weight-loss program that is safe only when monitored by a trained professional and supervised by a licensed physician.
The newscasts have all stated that most people lose ½ to 1 pound per day while doing the hCG diet program. Patients feel great, have energy, and their appetite is decreased naturally. During the hCG program, and specifically the MediLean program, patients learn and develop habits that will help them keep the weight off! The quick weight loss is a motivation that helps our patients maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives. Dr. Oz stated “There's something happening with the hCG diets." Yes we agree with Dr. Oz there is something happening with our hCG diet program; something amazing!  Our patients are losing weight fast, and keeping it off! Some doctors just throw the prescription hormone at their patients and don't explain the importance of all phases of the diet. So those of you out there looking for a cheap alternative please be cautious.  
One concern that many of these newscasts shared is that some hCG diets are marketed using homeopathic supplements, so that they can be purchased inexpensively. But the truth is that most of these homeopathic versions have little to NO actual hCG in them! Most doctors say the diet is only safe and effective using prescription strength hCG, while done under a doctor's supervision. Our MediLean program with locations throughout Southern California has been pefected so patients can feel at ease. We only use the highest quality prescription strength hCG at our facilities. At MediLean we pride ourselves in the service we provide to our patients and we want each patient to be worry free as they transform their bodies in the safest way possible.

Come see what everyone is talking about, fast and effective weight loss here at MediLean.