Wellness and Anti-Aging | How will you manage your health and the aging process?

Personalized healthcare is the way to achieve optimal and balanced wellness, prevent chronic disease and manage the aging process. Medilean and our laboratory services provide the roadmap to taking charge of your health.

Micronutrient testing

Ever wonder about your nutritional status? Are you taking too many supplements? Not enough? Your nutritional status is a vital foundation of mental health, physical health and performance. SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing evaluates an individual’s white blood cells for over 32 deficiencies! This blood test reflects a three month window into your nutritional health, revealing what vitamins, minerals proteins and antioxidants you are high or low in. You will get a detailed graph of exactly where you are now and where you want to be. The report includes recommended foods rich in your deficiencies as well as recommended doses of supplements. You can even have an individualized supplement created JUST FOR YOU. Knowing deficiencies in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will help you to feel better, lose weight and best of all, potentially help you to fight off chronic diseases and cancers. Improve your mental and physical health today! Knowledge is power.

Dr Macer’s Caveat: “I found this incredible test a year after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I had it done I found out I was super low in most of my antioxidants (which fight cancer and damaged cells). I truly think that if I had known this information 5 years before and corrected it then… I would never have had cancer at all! I corrected my deficiencies and know for certain that it helped me to be around 17 years later. Now I am focused on helping others do the same.”

Check out this site to see how nutritional deficiencies might be affecting your weight. Read More and this site will give you more information on this incredible test. Read More

Lipoprotein Particle Comprehensive Testing (LPP)

Standard cholesterol Testing Is Not Enough. Research shows that the lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, not the cholesterol itself, are responsible for inducing atherosclerotic plaque production and accelerating cardiovascular disease progression. In fact, about 50% of heart attack sufferers had normal HDL and/or LDL cholesterol test results. For a complete cardiovascular risk assessment, get SpectraCell’s LipoProtein Particle Profile™(LPP™) or Health Diagnostics all inclusive cardiac labs. The more pieces to the puzzle you have the better decisions you can make.

Apolopoprotein E Testing

What an amazing new genetic test this is! Each person gets one Apo E gene from their mom and one from their dad. The combination you have is a unique makeup. One combination finds the only way they will lose weight is with exercise. Another type over-absorbs cholesterol and needs a very specific diet to lose weight. The results of the genotyping of Apolipoprotein E have important implications in the treatment strategies for individual patients in reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Knowing your type will help you know your risks as well as what to do now!

Telomere Testing

Have you ever wondered how fast your cells are aging and how you can slow down that aging process? Telomere Testing determines your cellular age, the first commercially available telomere analysis in the United States. SpectraCell's Telomere Test is the window to your true cellular age. This advanced test measures the length of your telomeres – the endcaps of your DNA. Studies have shown a direct link to telomere length, cardiovascular health and the aging process. This information may enable a person to make adjustments to his/her lifestyle that can lead to better health and a longer life. Telomeres are known to respond well to a healthy lifestyle.

MTHFR Genotyping Testing

MTHFR Genotyping Testing gives you valuable information about your body's ability to methylate. Methylation is a crucial part of cell processes and reduced function has been linked to numerous medical conditions including neurological and cardiovascular disorders, mental dysfunctions and diabetes. Dr. Macer has found that patients with problems methylating not only feel better when given the correct forms of vitamins but these are often the same patients who end with a chronic disease after an illness. Knowing this in advance, she’s hoping that giving these patients methylation support will keep them disease free when they are run down or stressed.

Patient Review: I have been borderline dysfunctional for almost 4 years. My energy levels have been very low and I often end up in bed for days. I eat extremely healthy and have always exercised. Blood tests consistently showed normal levels of B12 and folate, but apparently my body wasn't methylating and utilizing them. This test showed positive. I started taking methylfolate and methyl B12 and eliminated the B complex that contains the non-methyl versions. After a couple of months I have my life back for the first time in years. I am so thankful MediLean recommended this test.