Stablization phase and hcg diet

So you have gotten through the first three weeks of the hcg diet. Congratulations! Now you can increase the calories to 1200 each day for women and 1500 for men. The calories will come from lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. You can add cheese and other fruits and vegetables. Stick to the fruits with lower sugar content and vegetables that are low in starch. Avoid grapes, tangerines, pineapple, kiwi and bananas. Vegetables to avoid are beets, pumpkin, corn, peas, plantains, all forms of potatos, winter squash and carrots.

During the stablization phase you may increase exercise activity since your calories are going up.

In stablization your hypothalamus resets and locks in the weight loss. You will have a new body weight set point. This is the weight that your body will gravitate to. The weight on the morning of your last injection is the weight you will use as a guide while going through stablization. If you go up two pounds from that weight then you may need to do a steak day. This will bring your weight back down. During a steak day you skip breakfast and lunch, drink plenty of fluids during the day and for dinner eat a steak with either an apple or a tomato. The next morning your weight should be down.

During the three weeks of stablization your weight may fluctuate which is normal. The body needs to stablize and reach its set point. Remember while on stablization do not eat any sugars or starches. You have lost a lot of weight and you need to give your body the time to adapt to this rapid weight loss. Once you have completed the three weeks on stablization you will go in to Maintenance where you will be adding in the starches according to the protocol.