New Year, New hCG Diet Recipe

productsHi everyone! Here’s a great recipe that I’ve been having on and off the hcg diet because it’s just too delicious for words. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. 

All you need is:

Steamed Cabbage

Ground Meat (either veal, turkey, chicken, sirloin depending on which phase of the hcg diet you’re in)

1lb of meat per 1 whole cabbage

Yellow Mustard





Steam cabbage until it’s soft and you can pierce with a fork. Brown the ground meat until it’s cooked. Cut up the cabbage and add in the meat. Add the yellow mustard, sriracha and seasonings based on your taste (if on the diet you can use less salt, no balsamic and sriracha but the yellow mustard is totally fine!)

That’s it! SUPER easy! Might sound a little strange to those with a more conventional palate but it’s definitely worth a try. A tasty recipe like this one makes losing weight with hcg that much easier. Enjoy!