MediLean hcg diet weight loss Santa Monica

Many of you have heard of hcg. Do you really know how it works and what is the best hcg on the market? There is a lot of information and mis-information about the hcg diet. Before starting any diet always get clearance from your doctor. At MediLean we do lab tests and a medical history and get the Doctors clearance before starting our quick, safe and effective hcg diet weight loss program. Patients come in once per week to get weighed and speak with a  nurse/nutritional counselor. We discuss how your week went and how you felt each day. We are here for our patients and their success.

We only use pharmaceutical grade hCG. There are homeopathic versions of hCG that you can get over the counter. Basically, with the OTC hCG, you get what you pay for. Be careful with what you buy. Most OTC hCG only has traces of the hormone in it. When going on the very low calorie diet and not having hCG in your system you will feel hungry and you may burn muscle mass not the stored body fat.

MediLean hCG diet is a three week diet where you can lose 14 -24 pounds. It is a medically supervised quick, safe and effective way to lose weight.

 The Dr. supervised and prescribed hCG is the one that will get you the results. When you go on a diet you want to lose body fat. The hCG diet at MediLean targets the stubborn body fat while preserving the structural fat of our body. It also works to maintain our muscle mass which is very important in having a good metabolism. The hCG diet decreases cravings and it also changes your body's weight set point.

hCG diet is a strict diet and it works providing you follow it. It is for three weeks. With the support and guidance we give you and your desire to see the numbers on the scale go down, what do you have to lose except for those extra pounds that have crept up on you?

We are located at 420 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401