Leptin Resistance

Leptin and Leptin Resistance have been hot topics when it comes to weight loss. Having been mentioned on shows like Oprah and Dr. Oz people can’t help but wonder if Leptin is the real deal or just another weight loss gimmick. According to Dr. Leo Galland, author of The Fat Resistance Diet, Leptin like Hcg and Insulin is a naturally present hormone in men and women. It is produced by fat cells and regulates body weight.  The problem in those who are overweight isn’t that they aren’t producing Leptin, their brain just isn’t getting the signal from Leptin to stop eating. Leptin levels in overweight people are high, the brain just doesn’t see it which results in increased appetite, poor sugar balance, and a slower metabolism.  If you are one of many people having trouble losing weight Leptin Resistance might be something to discuss with your Medical Doctor. According to Dr. Galland chronic inflammation is the source of Leptin Resistance. Some dietary suggestions made by Dr. Galland are to remove sugar, trans fat, saturated fat, and processed foods from your diet. It’s also important to consume the right ratio of essential fats. MediLean offers a  Leptin Resistance Supplement that is definitely worth a try if you’re someone dealing with this issue. shutterstock_97180580