Lean in 3

MediLean’s Lean in 3 is a three month program to a leaner you! Dr. Macer frequently hears the question “I don’t eat poorly, why am I gaining weight?” Lean in 3 analyzes your food & exercise habits and teaches you how stress, sleep and vitamins can impact your weight. Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy calories, portion control and the importance of exercise. Finish the three months with new strategies to promote healthy habits for lifelong success!

Along with our revolutionary guidebook you will be medically supervised by a licensed nurse who will guide you during your weekly visits. With Lean in 3 you receive 12 of our custom vitamin B/lipotropic injections to help burn off that extra fat and give you added energy.

We also offer an array of supplements, customized vitamins and FDA approved appetite suppressants to aide in your successful weight loss journey.


Lean in 3 is also a perfect tool to maintain or continue your weight loss after MediLean’s hCG program!