The Medilean Difference

Choosing the right medical weight loss program can be a very tough decision and should be thoroughly researched before taking action.

MediLean Mission:

At MediLean, we strive for professional excellence in all our endeavors. Our patients lose weight in a highly ethical, peaceful, medically supervised environment. We treat our patients with the utmost respect and compassion as they go through our program. And we endeavor for impeccable communication so that our patients, and our staff, are fully satisfied with the MediLean experience.

We ask our patients to commit to losing weight and we will provide them with the excellent service and care they deserve.

Why MediLean?

The Medilean hCG diet is different from other diet programs available because we offer a medically supervised, very "hands on" program.  The caring atmosphere and constant contact with our clients allows for both very satisfied clients and very successful weight loss in a short amount of time. Medilean's success is a multi-faceted approach. It begins with rapid weight loss using Medilean's Medically Supervised hCG Program. It is completely safe and follows the industry leading IAPAM hCG protocols for safe weight loss. Our program is Physician and Registered Dietician supervised. Using pure pharmaceutical strength hCG to ensure safety and success. The program is a one-time fee priced at an affordable yet respectable point. We do not charge per meal, per visit or per injection. When a patient enrolls in our hCG weight loss program everything is included. This allows the patient to focus on their weight loss.

The hCG diet is highly medical/medically supervised and it should not be done any other way. An initial physical must be done to be eligible for the MediLean program. Patient's provide recent blood work (within six months) or else labs are drawn (price included in the program) and reviewed by our physician to ensure your safety.  At MediLean hCG weight loss clinics we strive to create a level of trust and comfort far superior to any of our competitors.  Our Physicians and Dieticians will monitor patient’s weight loss and make sure their body is reacting correctly to the hCG and program. After the weight is lost, our MediLean staff will guide each patient through a maintenance phase of the diet to ensure you are taking the right steps to keeping the weight off for good!

Our hCG- What is important to know about the hCG we provide for our patients?
The hCG we use in our MediLean weight loss clinics throughout Los Angeles is the safest and most pure hCG you will find anywhere. Our hCG comes from a very trusted source and all of our hCG undergoes batch testing to ensure the same great quality for all the hCG we receive. Our hCG is certified and does not come from China.

MediLean would advise you NOT to do an hCG diet without medical supervision
Do not attempt to do the hCG Diet without adequate supervision from your trained professional. Most of the time, no problems develop during the program and it is a very safe and effective weight loss program that almost anyone can do. However, occasionally certain medical problems can develop from the very low calorie diet of 500 calories a day, especially if preexisting medical conditions are present or medications are used. To prevent these problems, a trained physician should evaluate you and supervise you during the program.