Patient Are Talking!

"WOW! So I went on the MediLean hCG diet about two months ago because I was really struggling with losing some belly fat, and my face was also much heavier looking than I wanted it to be. I had heard about the hCG diet and I researched it throughout the internet. I chose to opt out of getting the cheap drops online because I had tried inexpensive supplements online before and they just never gave me the results I wanted. I heard about the MediLean hCG diet through a friend and they had nothing but good things to say. I decided to give it a try and in all honesty I could not be happier with the results. I feel like a new man, as cliche as that sounds. I had tried exercising prior to the diet and I just could not lose the "stubborn" fat as they call it. Well, within the first week on the MediLean hCG diet my body and face had visibly changed. People who didn't even know I was on a diet were complimenting me, and I just felt so much better. Aside from the amazing weight loss, (23 pounds in 3 weeks) I cant say enough about the staff. Dr Macer is the nicest woman and I was guided every step of the way by the nutritionist on staff. Basically if you want a guaranteed safe weight loss formula in three weeks the MediLean program is my recommendation. Just give them a call and you will see what I mean right away. Very Professional!"

Chasen J- Lost 23 pounds in 3 weeks


MediLean's hCG Program completely changed the way my body metabolizes food; my body used to hold onto everything I ate. I also no longer feel like I am in constant starvation mode. What really surprised me is that I now EAT TO LIVE instead of LIVE TO EAT. Fresh, natural foods taste amazing to me now and I've lost my cravings for chips and breads. This program also helped me become more proportionate body-wise. I've lost in areas that I've struggled my whole life to correct. NO MORE CANKLES!

Deanna F. - Lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks


Enormous thanks to MediLean’s staff. The program has literally transformed my life. I never really believed that I would ever again look like I did 20 years ago.

James C. – Lost 42 lbs in 6 weeks


My experience with MediLean's hCG program was amazing. I lost 38 pounds in 60 days and still going strong! I won't tell you the diet is easy; yet once I got into the routine, I felt healthier and more energetic than I had in years. The staff at MediLean™ was so supportive, attentive, and always there to answer my questions. Thanks all!!

Amanda D. - Lost 38 lbs in 8 weeks


"I have never been able to follow a diet or one to get on the scale in the morning. I grew up with a bunch of boys so I never really watched what I ate and as I got older I started to see the results of that. I decided to start MediLean because I was intrigued by the medical attention and doctors behind this diet. I trusted the fact that doctors I respected were backing it. It was fascinating to see the results/weight loss after such a short period of time! My mom always said if there was a magic pill for weight loss everyone would be skinny...MediLean IS the magic pill."

Ali M- Lost 16 lbs in 3 weeks


I've lost 64 pounds in 52 days. I found the MediLean program, supporting staff, and all involved to be of utmost importance. I'm now totally off my high blood pressure meds and seem to be a walking advertisement in answering the question 'HOW DID YOU DO IT'. Removing this dead weight from my body has given me a new zest for life and confidence to my psychic. I'm now a diligent cook for my family, started a 35 year goal of playing piano, and simply feel there's hope for longer healthier life to play with my grandkids as I approach my golden years. I wish this inner peace to every soul in the world and would highly recommend weight lost using HCG with Doctor supervision; such as the MediLean program. Sincerely, Douglas M.

Douglas M.- lost 64 pounds in 52 days!


"MediLean is the BESTEST diet I have ever been on and trust me I have tried quite a few!  I managed to convince three of my friends to do the diet with me - initially, they thought the diet was too extreme and that I was crazy for making them do the diet with me, but after about the 4th day on the diet - my phone was blowing up with all the "love" texts they were sending my way!  The fat and pounds just melt off on this diet.  Seriously!  No joke!  As the name says... you definitely get more "LEAN"!  I have not looked this good since High School!  We have labeled it "High School Skinny" and we couldn't be happier!  Thank you, Dr. Macer, Ali, and Deb for making this possible!  We are truly "addicted" to this diet plan and are sending everyone we know to try it too!  The only "problem" with this diet is that you get "greedy" and want to lose "just a few more pounds" even though you hit your goal weight.  We will be back for more!!! Oh and thank you for the diet - it has taught me to cook - LOL! :)"

(Stefanie L., Pasadena)


As busy as I am, I had to find an easy-to-follow weight loss plan with fast results. Medilean’s program blew me away. Watching a pound a day melt off of me was so exciting that I never even considered cheating! I also cut my blood pressure medicine in half. No other program delivers these kind of results. Thank you MediLean™.

Barry S. – 21 lbs in 3 weeks


"It's day 15 of my Medilean program and I've lost 10 pounds. While I'm excited about the weight loss, I am thrilled about the effects of detoxing. I had no idea how much sugar, salt, starch, and processed foods I was eating and how it was slowing me down. Now, I can see it had run me down. My real energy is coming back. I only need one cup of coffee in the morning. I'm getting more done in my day and I have a smile on my face. Thank you, Dr. Macer, Daniella, and Team!"


L.M., Palos Verdes


"MediLean was an answer to my prayers!  The program offered the support I needed to address my weight.  With self-control and adhering to the guidelines, I was able to take off 15 pounds in three weeks.  The location was convenient, the atmosphere of their offices peaceful and welcoming and I found the staff to be extremely supportive, kind and helpful"  You have nothing to lose by trying it, but weight!".

Carrie C., Pasadena