MediLean Medically Supervised Weight Loss


Dear Potential Clients,

In all my years of practicing family medicine, the one problem I found most difficult was helping my patients lose weight. I knew for certain that losing weight would improve conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, and more importantly, mental health. I watched my patients struggle with countless diets and exercise programs, usually to no avail. When I hit menopause, I suddenly experienced exactly what my patients had been complaining about for years - sudden weight gain despite watchful eating and increased exercise. The term weight-loss resistant was no longer a condition exclusive to my patients; it was now my own reality.

I became extremely determined to help my patients succeed so I hired a dietician (Karla Schmidt) into my practice. Karla was successful however, at a slow & steady pace. We quickly realized our patients needed faster results to stay motivated.
We had heard of the hCG low calorie method and were skeptical at first because of the mixed reviews in the medical literature. Several of our patients went out of state to proceed with the diet on their own. What I then witnessed was shocking. Not only had they lost weight, they looked and felt fantastic! Blood pressure medications were being stopped, and cholesterol and blood sugar levels were normalizing. We wondered how someone could feel great AND be smiling on 500 calories. There had to be something there…
We feverishly began reviewing any and all scientific research/ literature about the hCG and weight loss. Our findings were quite promising so we decided to put it to the test. We (along with several of our most “weight loss resistant” patients) tried the method. The results were unbelievable; we all lost the weight we wanted, reshaped our bodies, and felt great. Even better, we have continued to eat right and the weight has stayed off! Now the real work began. We knew we did not want our hCG weight loss program associated with the quackery taking place in the hCG marketplace. MediLean hCG weight loss solution had to offer the safest & most effective hCG available (only pure pharmaceutical grade hCG), comprehensive program education, focused staff support, and of most importance, full medical supervision. Our integrity as medical professionals has guided the development of our entire weight loss program.
We have spent countless hours perfecting MediLean’s hCG Weight Loss Program. I know it is the safest, most successful medical weight loss program of its kind. Our patients lose weight quickly, keep it off, feel completely safe, and know we are there for them during every phase of the program. Come see for yourselves; you will not be disappointed.

Cindy Macer M.D.