Shrimp Stuffed Tomato

What you'll need;

  • 4oz cooked shrimp
  • 2 med size tomatoes
  • juice of half lemon
  • 1 T parsley (and any additional seasonings you like)
  • salt/pepper to taste
  • tabasco (optional)
    1. Place cooked shrimp in food processor. Pulse a few times to chop up shrimp. Or, simply chop with sharp knife.
    2. In small bowl, combine chopped shrimp, parsley, lemon juice, salt/pepper.
    3. Cover and refrigerate 30 mins-1 hr.
    4. When ready to serve, cut off top of tomatoes. Scoop out inside of tomato.
    5. Chop & combine inside of tomato with shrimp mix. (You may discard seeds if you like.)
    6. Fill tomato with shrimp mix.
    7. Top with a couple dashes of tabasco (optional) and serve.