hCG Drops vs. hCG Injections

Many people ask what the differences are between hCG drops and the hCG injections. It is important to clarify that both the hCG drops and hCG injections we use at MediLean are both pharmaceutical grade hCG prescribed by our physician. The hCG drops and injections are both extremely effective if they are pharmaceutical grade hCG. If you are comparing the drops you can buy off the internet to the pharmaceutical grade hCG injections then there is a huge difference. The injections would be far superior because they are pharmaceutical grade hCG and the drops are knockoffs. The reason we offer both pharmaceutical grade hCG drops and injections here at MediLean is because some of our patients do not prefer shots. We offer the drops for our patients who feel more comfortable taking the drops. Now the difference between our hCG drops and our hCG injections is that the drops must be taken twice a day orally, once in the morning and once at night. The hCG injection only need to be administered once in the morning each day. Many people prefer the hCG injections because they are only taken once a day. It is important to note that both the hCG drops and injections must be refrigerated. If you are taking any type of hCG that does not need to be refrigerated than you are not taking a safe and effective pharmaceutical grade hCG. So please be careful when you are deciding which is better for you! hCG drops vs. hCG injections.