Extra Calories from wine

The holiday can be a struggle with the parties at work and going to family events. Many of us get extra calories from the glass or two or three of wine that we drank. We are in a festive mood and may not realize how many times our glass was refilled. Just to give you an idea on how many calories are in different types of wines I have list for you below.

The typical pour of a glass of wine is about five ounces. When you are at private gatherings it could be more or less.  To keep the weight down over the holidays keep an eye on that wine glass and the hostess who keeps refilling it....

The calories in wine listed below are based on a 4 ounce glass of wine:




Wine (Average All Brands) Calories Grams Carb
Red wine, burgundy, cabernet 102 4.4
Red wine, medium, rose style 80 2.1
White wine 96 4.4
Champagne 77 1.2
Port 186 14
Dessert wine 189 16
Sake rice wine 155 5.8
Reduced alcohol wine (6%) 58 1.4