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Stablization phase and hcg diet

So you have gotten through the first three weeks of the hcg diet. Congratulations! Now you can increase the calories to 1200 each day for women and 1500 for men. The calories will come from lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. … Continue reading

MediLean hcg diet weight loss Santa Monica

Many of you have heard of hcg. Do you really know how it works and what is the best hcg on the market? There is a lot of information and mis-information about the hcg diet. Before starting any diet always … Continue reading

MediLean hCG Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

What you'll need for this Delicious hCG diet recipe! 3 1/2oz of raw chicken breast 2T Bragg Liquid Aminos 1T apple cider vinegar 2 cloves garlic 1 t ginger 1 T sliced green onions Directions: 1. Mix Braggs, vinegar, crushed … Continue reading

BBQ Sauce

As Summer approaches, it's time to get out that grill. This BBQ sauce it good on chicken & red meat. You can even BBQ ground top sirloin burgers with BBQ sauce and wrapped in lettuce, yum! What you'll need 2T … Continue reading

The MediLean Difference

MediLean™ is the only HCG clinic in Southern California that follows the industry leading IAPAM hCG protocols for safe weight loss. Our program is Physician, Nurse, and Registered Dietician supervised. We use only high quality pure pharmaceutical strength hCG to ensure safety … Continue reading

Recommended Products

Use these products to help improve your diet while on the MediLean program   Sweet Leaf has a lot of great Stevia sweetening products. You can purchase them at stores like WholeFoods or buy them from their website. http://www.sweetleaf.com/ Sweet leaf also … Continue reading

Caribbean Rub

The hCG protocol can be limiting, but not if you spice things up! Use rubs, seasonings, and fresh herbs to liven up your choices. This caribbean rub can be used on any of your proteins before grilling or baking. It … Continue reading

Example of a Stabilization Day Menu

During Stabilization you can eat 1200-1500 calories daily and don't forget to start your exercise routine! Breakfast Eggwhite omelette with salt, pepper, spinach, and 1oz of cheese Cantaloupe slices (optional) Snack Celery sticks Lunch 5oz Grilled Salmon on top a … Continue reading

BBQ Citrus Skewers

As summertime approaches it's a good idea to get out that grill. You may think grilling isn't a good option while on our MediLean program, but that just isn't the case. BBQing is a fantastic way to cook your food … Continue reading

Herb Crusted Tilapia

What you'll need 3.5oz fillet of tilapia 1 clove of garlic chopped 3 slices of lemon 2 tsp of redwine vinegar 1 tsp of lemon juice 1 grisini breadstick; crushed pepper, salt, rosemary, to taste Directions In a non-stick pan … Continue reading