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As dieters, we live in a battle zone. We’re constantly fighting against our cravings. Finally, here’s an accelerated weight loss program to help you win the war once and for all.

With MediLean You Receive

  • Complete medical history assessment and lab testing
  • MediLean’s exclusive patient guidebook
  • Weekly follow-up visits with experienced staff
  • Continuous staff access for questions and support
  • Weekly B12/Bcomplex and lipotropic injections as needed to promote energy and fat breakdown
  • Complete nutritional guidance throughout your hCG diet program

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The Science of hCG and Weight Loss

hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring body chemical that through research and clinical trial, has been shown to be an effective tool for quick weight loss.

MediLean Medical Weight Loss Clinic

MediLean is the only hCG medical weight loss clinic in Southern California that follows the industry leading IAPAM hCG protocols for safe weight loss. Our hCG weight loss program is Physician and Registered Dietician supervised, and we use only pure pharmaceutical strength hCG, NOT from India or China, to ensure safety and success.